The consistency of product quality is crucial for automotive industry. Our laboratory is well equipped by tools and equipment that are required for automotive standard. - Spectrometer, CE Meter, microscope, thermometer, universal tensile testing machine, brinell hardness tester, sand testing system by Simpson and echo meter (to classify casting between FC and FCD by sound echo technology).

Besides those basic equipment, in 2013, we brought new advanced tool as microstructure analysis software. The analysis of microstructure, - type of graphite, percentage of ferrite and perlite, nodularity, nodule count, etc., become easier, faster and more accurate

Moreover, in order to support high grade of cast iron such as caliper, turbo, exhaust manifold, cam shaft, etc. In 2016, we installed semi auto pouring device including pyrometer (2-colour). This equipment enables us to control both flow rate and temperature every single mould. Also, we approached magnesium wire treatment system into our process in order to increase micro structure quality particularly in ductile cast iron.